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3rd edition of the Immersive Festival of Scandinavian / Nordic Kultur and Art - FIKA(S)

3rd edition of the Immersive Festival of Scandinavian / Nordic Kultur and Art - FIKA(S)
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The first Québec festival devoted to Scandinavian and Nordic cultures, now happening every two years, will return to Montreal for its 3rd edition from March 8 to 15, 2019. This year, FIKA(S) inaugurates its first parallel programming, which will present events within the framework of the festival but outside the official dates. This parallel programming will be an opportunity to introduce two new artistic disciplines not yet seen at FIKA(S): visual arts, in collaboration with Place des Arts and design, in collaboration with the Mile End’s Bref store and gallery. 

About the FIKA festival:
it was founded in 2015 by Christel Durand, the cultural promotion organization FIKA(S) inaugurates its first event in March 2016: the Immersive Festival of Scandinavian and Nordic Kultur and Art. Inspired by the Swedish word fika, which refers to the coffee break or sharing of a privileged moment, this multidisciplinary festival aims to promote the Scandinavian and Nordic way of life by inviting the public to cultural, social and artistic meetings on a human scale. The festival’s main objective is to encourage exchanges and create spaces to meet and explore.

One of the events within this framework is the Papas / Swedish Dads photo exhibition by the Swedish artist Johan Bävman. The exhibition takes place from March 5 to April 2019 at the Place des Arts (Salle d’exposition). The entrance is free.

When the Swedish photographer became a father, he found there was a lack of role models that men could relate to as parents. This led him to put together a photo book, Swedish Dads, which portrays men on parental leave with their children. The book in turn led to the Swedish Dads photo exhibition, based on portraits of some of the few fathers who have chosen to stay at home with their children for at least six months.

Information about the event can be found here: 

The other events within the framwork is the Design: FIKA exhibition. The exhibition opens on January 24, 2019, at Bref starting at 5:30 p.m. at 261 Bernard West, Montreal.

The Scandinavians / Nordics, subjected to harsh and dark winters, take great care to arrange the interior of their house to feel at home. It is a philosophy of life for them. They rely on clean lines, elegant graphics and natural materials. A common Nordic DNA brings creators from here to an approach nourished by the same interests and values. Putting side by side Scandinavian and Québec craftsmen and designers in this exhibition highlights this mirror effect.

Read more about the exhibition here: