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Danish European Affairs Committee visits Canada to discuss EU-Canada trade agreement

The Committee visited Ottawa and Toronto ahead of the CETA vote in the European Parliament February 15 2017. Danish ratification to follow in spring.

European Affairs Committee
The committee meets House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade. Photo credit: Embassy of Denmark.

The Danish parliament’s standing committee on European Affairs visited Ottawa and Toronto in early February 2017 to gain insight into Canadian perspectives on the CETA, which is currently on the agenda of the Canadian Parliament. The European Union approved the CETA on February 15and it is on the March 14th agenda of the Danish parliament.

In Ottawa, the committee had a discussion with the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade led by the Honourable Mike Eyking. They also met Canada’s Chief Trade Negotiator Steve Verheul, who could give insight into the process leading to the agreement. They were also here to engage with civil society including the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which represents the views of some of Canada’s larger businesses, as well as with The Council of Canadians, who put forward a somewhat more critical view and a suggestion to slow down the process of approval.

In Toronto, the Committee met with the Government of Ontario including the Minister for International Trade Michael Chan, as well as representatives from UNIFOR and the Consumers Council. At the last stop the Danish Trade Council in Toronto arranged for the Committee to meet with members of the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce.