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Denmark participates in Global LGBTI Conference

Denmark participates in the Equal Rights Coalition Global Conference on LGBTI Human Rights and Inclusive Development.

Canada is hosting “Leaving No One Behind”, a global conference on LGBTI human rights and inclusive development in Vancouver from August 5-7, 2018.

Denmark joined the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) in March 2018 and is participating in the upcoming conference, where states, development cooperation agencies, civil society and other relevant stakeholders are coming together to build knowledge, networks and norms to enhance awareness and promote equal respect of human rights for LGBTI persons and to promote inclusive development all over the world.

Canada and Denmark are both strong advocates on human rights issues. We share a range of international commitments and policies.

Denmark has recently published a new LGBTI Action Plan. The plan aims to enhance the well-being and equal opportunities for LGBTI persons. Denmark also contributes financially to international organisations working towards equal access for the protection of human rights.

In August 2021, Denmark will host World Pride. Copenhagen Pride has been celebrated for more than 20 years, and now we look forward to welcoming the world to the celebrations in 2021. Also in August 2021, Copenhagen will be hosting the EuroGames, a major sports event focused on equality and human rights. Copenhagen 2021 marks a major milestone and celebration for the equal rights movement.

The Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) was founded in July 2016 and is currently co-chaired by Canada and Chile. At this time, ERC has 39 member states. Denmark joined the coalition in March 2018 along with Luxembourg, Iceland and Cap Verde.