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Musical traditions in Greenland and Canada

The interest in Greenlandic music and culture is increasing in Canada. Recently, Greenlandic artists Naneruaq and Inuk performed at the Pang Fest in Nunavut with their pop, rock and reggae music. Beautiful Greenlandic music was also in the spotlight during the celebration of the Danish Constitution Day in Ottawa.

Danish-Greenlandic singer Julie Berthelsen performed at the Danish Constitution Day reception in Ottawa.

150 guests enjoyed the tunes of Danish-Greenlandic popstar Julie Berthelsen’s own songs and her interpretation of the famous songs “I Danmark er jeg født” and Leonard Cohen’s “Halleluja”. Traditional Greenlandic music is closely related to the musical tradition in Canada’s north and often consists of singing and playing drums.

“Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark share certain aspects of their Inuit culture, but shared culture does not only account for historic connections. Modern Danish-Greenlandic pop music is currently increasing in popularity in Canada. Therefore, I was thrilled to welcome Julie Berthelsen to Canada”, says Ambassador Niels Boel Abrahamsen.