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Danish-Canadian Conference 2016: Renewal and Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic that interests Danes in Denmark as well as Danes abroad. Therefore, this year’s theme Renewal and Sustainability was an important topic.

Ambassador Abrahamsen focused on architecture for this year’s theme ‘Renewal and Sustainability’ in his speech which he delivered on the opening night of the conference. From the left Kren Clausen, Ambassador Niels Boel Abrahamsen, Ka’nahsohon Deer Faith-keeper and Rolf Christensen. Photo Credit: Steve Morck.

Architecture and sustainability
One of Denmark’s core values is sustainability, which is very much reflected in the country’s architectural tradition. For decades, Danish architecture has been recognized worldwide and, with the new generation of architects focussing on sustainability and elegant design, it continues to be cherished worldwide.

Danish architects have made significant architectural contributions in Canada. Their work can be found across Canada from the east to the west coasts -  from Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s Central Library in Halifax, to the Champlain Bridge in Montreal by Dissing and Weitling Architects, and to BIG Architects’ residential projects in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Ambassador Niels Boel Abrahamsen participated in the opening ceremony of the conference and gave his perspective on renewal and sustainability. He also used the opportunity to express his appreciation to the federation and its members for the great work done to promote Canadian friendships and cooperation.

This year the conference of the Federation of Danish Associations in Canada was held in Montreal and Danish Canadians from across Canada spend three days engaging in social activities and presentations on renewal and sustainability. Photo Credit: Steve Morck.