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The new Nationality Act allowing dual citizenship is now in force

The new Danish Nationality Act allows for full access to dual/multiple citizenship. With the new law, a Danish citizen who acquires the citizenship of another country no longer loses his/her Danish citizenship. Access to dual/multiple citizenship is, however, not decided by Danish law alone. For a person to acquire multiple citizenships, this must also be allowed in the citizenship laws of each of the states in which the person wishes to hold citizenship.
Information about the new Act is available on the website of the Ministry of Aliens, Integration and Housing (English).

Reacquisition of Danish citizenship by declaration

As of  September 1 2015, former Danish citizens who have lost their Danish citizenship by acquiring a foreign citizenship will be able to reacquire their Danish citizenship by making a declaration to The State Administration (Statsforvaltningen) provided they fulfil certain requirements. The declaration must be made between  September 1 2015 and 31 August 2020. It does not matter when they lost the Danish citizenship. When considering the individual cases, the State Administration will among other things include information regarding possible imprisonment and whether the Danish citizenship was lost based on Section 8 of the Danish Nationality Act (born abroad and losing Danish citizenship at age of 22 years).

The declaration may be sent directly to The State Administration at the following address: Statsforvaltningen, Storetorv 10, DK-6200 Aabenraa, Denmark. Alternatively, it may be lodged at a Danish diplomatic or honorary mission abroad. The fee is DKK 1,100, which must be paid directly to the State Administration following the guidelines on their website (via web-application or bank transfer).

If you wish to lodge your application in Canada, please note that there is an additional handling fee payable to the Danish Embassy or the honorary consulate. The fee schedule is available here. This fee is payable in cash, certified cheque or money order issued to the hand-in mission.

The handling fee covers the Mission’s involvement in the following steps:

  • Reception of declaration form and possible supporting documents. Mission signature and date of reception on the declaration form. Mission is not responsible for checking contents.
  • If Apostille or legalization is required: Apostille/legalization of relevant documents charging the relevant, separate fee.
  • Hand out of receipt.
  •  Shipment by diplomatic courier of closed envelope addressed to The State Administration as stated above.
  • Reception of the decision from The State Administration through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Hand out to client or shipment to client by courier/registered mail according to agreement and paid by client. 

If case processing is required, e.g. if documents are missing or The State Administration has additional questions to the client, an additional hourly fee of CAD 183.00 shall be charged. The same applies if the Mission choses to assist the client in preparing his declaration form and documentation.

The declaration form (“Erklæring – tidligere danske statsborgere – uden bopælsbetingelser”) can be found here.