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Official Flag Day on Greenland's National Day

In 2016 the Danish government decided to make Greenland’s National Day an official Flag Day and instructed all of their official institutions to raise the Greenlandic flag annually on June 21st.

The Ambassador of Denmark welcomed the new official Flag Day. “Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark and it is important to mark and celebrate our shared history and strong ties. Therefore I was glad to fly the Greenlandic flag at the residence on Greenland’s National Day”, says Niels Boel Abrahamsen.

The Greenlandic identity and values are celebrated in all Greenlandic towns and settlements on their National Day. Traditional celebrations include morning songs, speeches, raising of the Greenlandic flag, a church service and different kinds of local entertainment. This special day is also an occasion for Inuit to wear their beautiful traditional clothes.

The name of the Greenlandic flag is Erfalasorput which means “our flag”. It’s the only Nordic flag without the Nordic Cross in the middle.