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Call for proposal

The Nordic Embassies in Ottawa invite you to take part in an open call for proposal to raise awareness about the Nordic work in relation to climate change, sustainable solutions and the importance of protecting the environment including oceans.

Canada has many common priorities with the Nordic countries regarding climate change, gender and diversity. The Nordic countries have developed solutions in these fields that are not always well known to the larger Canadian public. Through a communication activity (for example an event and/or a video) to be spread in social media channels, the Nordic Embassies would like to show how Nordic priorities and solutions are relevant in a Canadian context.

June 5th is the World Environment Day and the theme for 2018 will be devoted to beating plastic pollution. To address this issue, the five Nordic embassies in Canada are planning to highlight this important work jointly. Clean oceans are featured in the Sustainable Development Goal number 14; Life below water. The planned communication activity could be carried out in relation to this important day.

The communication activity should demonstrate Nordic success stories and stimulate a debate about the potential for strengthened collaboration between the Nordic countries and Canada. The communication project should leave the viewer with a "trace of North" – a sense of the values and solutions that we share.

The call for proposal is set to 50 000 Danish Kroner (DKK).

1. Purpose

The purpose of the project is twofold: 1) Strengthening the bonds between the Nordic countries and Canada by highlighting common values and priorities; 2) brand the Nordic countries as innovative, sustainable and solution-oriented.

2. Target group

Target group for the communication activity is Canadian government officials, innovative companies, researchers, students and the Canadian public in general.

3. Success criteria/outcome
•Communication event should be relevant to a broad audience and shared on social media.
•The communication activity should generate interest in Climate change and sustainable solutions.
•Nordic solutions should have become better known to Canadian stakeholders, thereby increasing their interest in future collaboration with Nordic countries.

4. Project milestones
1.By 10th of May: Deadline for receiving tenders.
2.By 14th of May: Contract signing
3.By 20th of May: Beginning of communication event preparation.
4.By 31st of October: Reporting of outcome and end of project.

5. The Nordic dimension of the project

The proposal must describe how the event/project connects to the Nordic values and strategic focus areas as set out in the Nordic Branding strategy.

The five Nordic Embassies in Ottawa are collaborating on the project. The communication activity will focus specifically on Nordic solutions to global challenge, as outlined by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project will be a follow up of longstanding Nordic cooperation in Canada, following the two Cool Nordic events and Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten's visit to Ottawa and Toronto in September 2017, and will seek to amplify continued Nordic cooperation in 2018. The focus areas answer to an expressed interest among Canadian stakeholders and are highly relevant to the Canadian society at large.

The result of the communication activity (for example video or promotion material) will be used actively on social media accounts of the Nordic Embassies in Canada and on their events.