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Denmark launches 12-initiative LGBTI Action Plan

03.08.2018  21:54
The Danish government has dedicated CAD 5 million to a 12-initiative action plan to create equal opportunities for LGBTI persons in the years 2018-2021. In the latest Global Resources report, which maps out the financing of the LGBTI-area internationally, Denmark places in the top 6 among recorded donor countries and multilateral donors.

The vision of the action plan is to ensure equal opportunities for all to participate in society and realize their full potential. The initiatives focus on strengthening support for LGBTI-persons with ethnic minority backgrounds, promoting openness and inclusion in the labour market, combatting prejudices among young people in the education system and in sports, strengthening knowledge, counselling and support in the healthcare system and eldercare, and finally improving conditions for LGBTI-persons globally.

Denmark has long been at the global forefront when it comes to LGBTI rights. It was the first country in the world to acknowledge registered partnerships (1989). A decade later Denmark was, once again, the first country in the world to recognize legal same-sex parenting and their rights to adopt children (1999). In 2012, Denmark passed legislation that permits homosexual couples to be married in church ceremonies. In 2014, Denmark was Europe’s leading country on legal gender recognition.

Like Canada, Denmark is an honorary member of the Equal Rights Coalition. Denmark is also committed to becoming a member of the UN LGBT Core Group.

In 2021, Denmark’s capital Copenhagen will be hosting WorldPride. You can follow the work at on Twitter @cph2021.

The Danish Embassy takes pride in, once again, attending the Capital Pride. Join us in celebrating and raising the rainbow flag in Ottawa.