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Greenland celebrates National Day

On June 21, the National Day of Greenland will be celebrated all over the region to mark the longest day of the year and Greenlandic self-governance.


Image: Man playing soccer at Greenlandic National Day in Nuuk on June 21 2012        (Photo: Anders Peter Photography )

On June 21, 2009 the Act of Greenland Self-Government was implemented in the Greenlandic Home Rule, securing the Greenlandic government Naalakkersuisut more autonomy and establishing a political partnership between Denmark and Greenland built on equality, mutual respect and cooperation.

Every year on June 21, this landmark in Danish/Greenlandic relations is celebrated all over Greenland as the Greenlandic National Day. The day is also a celebration of the Greenlandic midsummer.

June 21st marks the longest day of the year in Greenland and in the Northern parts of the region the sun will shine for 24 hours, warming Greenland during the spectacular white nights. The Greenlandic flag Erfalasorput, which was adopted on June 21, 1985, symbolizes this exceptional link to nature by depicting a rising and a setting sun.

National Day will be celebrated differently in every region and town. The festivities will include bonfires, music, public speeches, sports and the Greenlandic kaffemik, which means “social gathering” in Greenlandic and is a tradition of serving coffee and cake in celebration of special holidays.

Wherever you go in Greenland on June 21, you will encounter these festivities marking the peak of summer and Greenlandic Home rule.

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