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On its Constitution Day, Denmark sends a message: Biking is for everyone!

Ambassadors and dignitaries marked Denmark’s Constitution Day in Ottawa by joining the Ambassador of Denmark on his daily bike commute from the ByWard Market to the Danish Residence.

Ambassador of Denmark Niels Boel Abrahamsen arrives at the Danish Residence with his guests. Biking next to Ambassador Abrahamsen is Ambassador of Costa Rica Roberto Carlos Dormond Cantú.

Ambitious Danish climate policy
Denmark has an ambitious climate policy and is determined to find solutions for sustainability, green living and a greener future. Today, more than 20% of Denmark’s energy comes from renewable energy, and the goal is to reach 100% by 2050. A big part of renewable energy is generated by wind turbines and Denmark is a frontrunner in developing new technology in this area.

Sustainable transportation
Concern for the environment is one reason that many Danes prefer the bike to the car which has made Denmark one of the most bicycle-friendly nations in the world. Most Danish cities have designed their infrastructure to benefit cyclists with such as adjusting traffic lights to favour cyclists over cars and there are more than 450 km of bike lanes in Copenhagen alone. Cycling accounts for 20% of commuter trips in Denmark and biking to work is an integral part of the daily life of Danes – no matter if they are biking to work dressed in a suit and tie, dress or overalls.

On June 8th the Ambassador invited his business partners, colleagues and guests to join him on his environmentally friendly daily commute. Guests were encouraged to bike to the reception, and the Ambassador offered VeloGo bikes to guests as needed. Upon arrival at the residence the Ambassador invited his biking guests to have their bikes tuned up by VeloFix while they enjoyed the reception celebrating Constitution Day.

Big smiles from the three Deputy Heads of Mission from Sweden, Denmark and Norway at the starting point of the bike ride to the reception.

Celebrations in Ottawa and Toronto
In addition to Danish bike culture, the relationship between Denmark, Canada and Greenland was another focus of the Constitution Day celebration in Ottawa on June 8. There is a wealth of shared history and cultural heritage that goes back to when Inuit migrated from Canada to Greenland. To represent some of the best modern Danish-Greenlandic culture the Danish-Greenlandic singer Julie Berthelsen performed her beautiful songs for the guests.

Danish Constitution Day was celebrated in several places in Canada and the Danish Consulate General in Toronto was no exception.