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Minister for Foreign Affairs promoting Danish digital solutions in Ottawa

On the occasion of the visit of the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs to Ottawa on May 9, 2017, the Royal Danish Embassy in Ottawa and the Royal Danish Trade Council in Toronto hosted an information session on Digital Transformation is a Capability, not a Project. The premise of the event is that governments around the world have a challenge of finding secure ways to engage with their citizens online, and issues of privacy, security, data sharing and efficiency are part and parcel of this complex transformation. In fact Denmark is among the most digitally-advanced nations in Europe and was the first country to make all communications between citizens and the government digital.

The Minister’s welcome speech provided some insight into today’s Digital Denmark and the lessons learned that are relevant to Canada. The speech also highlighted that the success of the Digital Denmark model is grounded in a long tradition of public-private partnerships, and the high level of trust and regulation that shapes the Danish arena for innovative digital capabilities to be developed and applied. Furthermore, Denmark’s leading position is due to a committed digital strategy, demanding implementation of the Digital-by-Default concept - ensuring a minimum of 80% of all interactions between the public sector and citizens to be digital. Read the speech here.

Digitalisering 1
Photo credit: Royal Danish Trade Council
Foreign Minister Samuelsen delivering opening remarks at the Digitalization info session.

The two Danish companies that were featured during the session, QualiWare and cBrain, represent unique sets of competencies within the field of digital transformation of the public sector.

QualiWare is a global business-modeling solutions provider. The QualiWare modeling tool helps organizations design, manage and improve their enterprise across all business viewpoints, such as strategy, process, applications, information, technology, organization, and all other aspects of business and IM/IT architecture spectrum. QualiWare’s clients include large and medium-sized enterprises, both public and private.

QualiWare’s tool is used by a number of governments worldwide, including six Canadian government departments, to assist with digitalization initiatives. One of the examples of the tool’s use is to model, manage and report on change and transformation initiatives as various government agencies and functions strive to manage costs and improve service delivery to citizens. Another example is its use for compliance with legislation, decision and rules modeling, and systems specifications.

Digitalisering 3
Photo credit: Royal Danish Trade Council
Jacob Lund, COO of QualiWare; Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen; Kuno Brodersen, CEO of QualiWare; Sameer Vasta, Digital Anthropologist and Managing Editor, Ontario Digital Service.

The cBrain team helps government organizations around the world to understand and re-use the Danish F2 model and platform for digital public administration. cBrain offers the integrated F2 software suite, which is a highly effective tool and a fast-track to digitize all workflows, knowledge processing, records management and communication.

cBrain F2 was initially developed for core governmental departments and has now evolved into a general solution for governmental agencies, municipalities, and universities as well as private organizations. Today eight Danish ministries have implemented F2, including the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as multiple agencies. In 2011 the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Climate and Energy received the Digitalization Award due to the remarkable efficiency gains they have achieved based on their cBrain F2 implementation.