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Global leaders accelerate green growth action in Copenhagen

Each year the global population increases by about 70 million people. In the next 15 years the global economy will increase by more than 50 percent. A billion more people will come to live in cities. The UN has concluded, that if current consumption and production trends continue, by the 2030s we will need the equivalent of two planets to support us. An urgent, large-scale transition is needed if global economic growth is to continue while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting societies to climate change and promoting a sustainable use of resources.

3GF was initiated by Denmark in 2011 together with Korea and Mexico. Since then China, Kenya, Qatar and Ethiopia have joined the platform. The fourth Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) takes place on October 20st to 21st 2014 in Copenhagen and is hosted by Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.  Governments will join hands with leading businesses, investors, cities, international organizations and civil society to engage in knowledge exchange and 11 strategic partnerships to accelerate green solutions and follow-up action.

This year, the theme of the summit is “Changing Production and Consumption Patterns through Transformative Action”. It will focus on how to stimulate sustainable lifestyles for billions of future middle class consumers realizing that this is critical in order to increase global prosperity for all without compromising opportunities of future generations. A total of 35 sessions will zoom in on the importance of cities, finance, food, energy and economic growth paths - amongst others.

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Martin Lidegaard, says:

It is crucial to counter the current pressure on our planet.  That is why Denmark is pushing for resource efficiency and green growth. 3GF is a unique platform for this with its focus on practical solutions through partnerships between national authorities, businesses, civil society and international organizations.”

The Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen, says:

We need more innovative partnerships across sectors and borders in order to accelerate a green transition. Many of the solutions are already at hand - for instance on energy efficiency or turning waste into energy. But solutions need to be scaled up and they need to be backed by financing and solid business models. I am very pleased that so many global companies and finance institutions, including from Denmark, are coming to 3GF in order to engage in partnerships.” 

11 strategic partnerships will be launched or leveraged at 3GF2014. They will address the challenges of ensuring sustainable consumption and production for generations to come. They pave the way for sustainable textile production, liveable cities and energy efficiency, circularity of plastics, innovation in food production, off-grid renewable energy, transformation of waste into value, new green procurement standards and much more. And in the Forum’s “Ideas Lab” more solutions are in the pipeline.

Information about the 3GF Summit, the programme and featured participants please click here.

For more information please contact:

Lea Tang Møller, Head of Section, 3GF Secretariat / +45 50 87 65 63 

Frej Jackson, Press Adviser, Minister for Trade and Development / +45 29 72 44 77

Marcus Carter Mathiasen, Press Adviser, Minister for Foreign Affairs / +45 41 53 25 67

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