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Connection over shared culture: Danish-Greenlandic popstar sings with Inuit children

19.07.2016  19:46

Inuit children aged 4 to 6 enjoyed a modern cultural exchange of singing, dancing and playing at an Inuit school in Ottawa when Danish-Greenlandic popstar Julie Berthelsen paid them a visit.

Julie Berthelsen sang a Greenlandic children’s song with the children who listened and enthusiastically played along.  

The children performed for their guests using traditional musical instruments and throat singing and played along while Julie Berthelsen performed a traditional Greenlandic children’s song about Greenlandic hunters who went hunting for days without having a bath. The children understood some parts of the Greenlandic song and the similarities in terms of language, culture and history between Greenland and Canada became obvious during the visit.

Julie Berthelsen has both Danish and Greenlandic roots (a Danish father and a Greenlandic mother). She grew up in Greenland but has lived most of her adult life in Denmark.

“I am very proud to present Julie Berthelsen as her music is an outstanding example of modern Danish-Greenlandic culture which I hope the children will enjoy,” says Ambassador Niels Boel Abrahamsen.

Ambassador Abrahamsen participated in the cultural exchange at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre with Julie Berthelsen, the children and their teachers.