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European Film Festival

21.11.2017  16:03

The Royal Danish Embassy is once again participating in the European Union Film Festival.
This year Denmark screens two movies: ‘Rosita’ in Ottawa, and ‘The Commune’ in Toronto and Vancouver.

From November 17 to December 5, the EUFF will screen movies from more than 25 countries, including some of the best of contemporary cinema produced in the European Union.

In Ottawa, the Canadian Film Institute will present a wide selection of award-winning films from the Festival circuit, never-before-seen in the capital city.

The festival is open to the public and you can get tickets online – see below.

Ottawa: Rosita – a cross-cultural love story

Shy widower Ulrik works in a fish factory and shares his home with his restless younger son, Johannes, a fisherman. His elder son, Allan, also works at the factory. Ulrik misses the love and companionship of a woman. As several other men in the village have done, he arranges to have a Filipino woman travel to Denmark to become his wife. His sons, who know nothing of this plan, are shocked. When Rosita arrives, she knows only a word or two of Danish. Her second language is English which Ulrik does not speak so his son Johannes is reluctantly forced to act as his father’s translator. However, to Johannes’ and Rosita’s surprise, the two form a close attachment and soon Rosita has more than one secret she is keeping from Ulrik.

The screening is on November 27th at the National Gallery in Ottawa. You can buy tickets here.


Toronto and Vancouver: The Commune – experimental living in the 70’s

The latest work from eminent Danish auteur and Dogme 95 vet Thomas Vinterberg is a biting, bittersweet family drama about a taboo-free commune in 1970s Copenhagen. A TV newscaster whose husband (Ulrich Thomsen), a university professor, inherits his father’s sizable home when the family patriarch dies. Seen by Anna as an opportunity to stave off middle-age ennui, they decide to experiment in communal living — all the rage in ‘70s Scandinavia — with a motley crew of bohemian friends and acquaintances, sending their marriage into freefall. “Vinterberg captures family dysfunction like no other ... As its lingering emotional impact attests; the film’s simplicities are quite deceptive”

The screening in Toronto is on the 22th of November (tickets), and on December 4 in Vancouver (tickets).