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About Greenland

On this page you will find a directory of websites providing you with practical information on Greenland.

Government of Greenland


The official website of the Government of Greenland functions as a platform where you can read more about Greenlandic trade relations, international relations as well as domestic news.

Here you will learn more about the Government of Greenland and ‘Inatsisartut’, the Greenlandic Parliament based in Nuuk.


Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum

The Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum is responsible for the production and transportation of minerals and petroleum. The Bureau is tasked to provide the legal and political framework for an environmentally sound, reliable and clean exploitation of energy and mineral resources in Greenland. 

Official tourism site of Greenland

Greenland_TourismPlan your vacation to Greenland and find facts about each of the region’s six areas at the official tourism site of Greenland.