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Film Art

Denmark is the home of the world’s oldest operating film studio (Nordisk Film from 1906), and the fascination with motion picture art is still going strong. Despite being a small country, Denmark is a strong presence on the international film scene.

Here you can read more about Danish film then and now, and Danish film in Canada.

From the easy transferability of the Olsen Gang’s charms to other countries to international productions of Von Trier, Scherfig, Bier and Winding Refn, Danish films have made a mark on the international film scene and participate in Canadian film events almost every year.

The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) is a yearly celebration of European film talent, which takes place in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

The Canadian Film Institute (CFI) along with Nordic and Baltic embassies have taken the initiative to arrange a yearly Baltic-Nordic Film Festival.

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) competes with Cannes for the title as the most influential film festival in the world. In recent years, Danish films have been included in the Festival’s programme – both inside and outside competition. A noteworthy feat!

If you are interested in Danish film history, the Danish Film Institute (DFI) and Copenhagen University have made an interesting overview of Danish film history - you can find their website below.