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New Nordic Cuisine

Danish cuisine has reinvented itself in recent years. From having been associated with bland fish, meat and potatoes, Danish food now rhymes with the trendy New Nordic Cuisine.

New Nordic Cuisine is used to describe dishes with Nordic roots and a focus on using local, seasonal ingredients of good quality. It also demonstrates the solid Danish interest in organic and sustainable food with a tasty twist!

The trend has also given a revival to more traditional dishes, such as the classic open-faced sandwich called smørrebrød. This dish has made a national comeback and an international debut.

Danish Open Sandwiches is a blog written by Danish-Canadian Marcus Schioler who mixes fact and a little bit of fiction with the goal of teaching people about the many wonders of Danish culture, and - most importantly - smørrebrød! With each blog post, you’ll find a detailed recipe so that you too can enjoy authentic smørrebrød without having to travel all the way to Denmark.