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Denmark on Netflix November

Denmark on Netflix November
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Denmark on Netflix November: Land of mine
1945. The war has just ended and the Germans have left Denmark after five years of occupation. But history didn’t end here. The German forces have left behind 45,000 land mines buried under the sand along the Danish coast line. 

In the movie Land of Mine we follow 12 young German POWs, who are ordered to defuse the landmines under the command of Danish Sergeant Rasmussen. Typical of many Danes after the war he hates the Germans, but gradually he becomes protective of the young men under his command. Land of Mine is directed by Martin Zandlivet and is inspired by actual events that claim to be the worst war crimes ever committed by Denmark.

The German POWs are teenagers and suffer from homesickness under the harsh treatment of their Danish commanders. The film shows how war makes its mark on both sides of the battlefield.

Land of Mine also explores the aftermath of World War II and raises questions on how to deal with prisoners of war and the dilemma of these young German menwho were caught in a war they didn’t see as their own. 


Foreign Language Film Nominee
Land of Mine was nominated for the Oscars  in 2017 in the Foreign Language Film category. It is not the first time a Danish film has been nominated in this category. In fact Danish movies have been nominated 12 times. In 2012 ‘In a Better World’ won the Oscar and so did ‘Pelle the Conqueror’ in 1988.



Why are Danish films happening right now?

Maybe you have heard of movies like ‘The Hunt’ or ‘Melancholia’. There is a good chance that you have, because Danish film is experiencing a golden age right now. Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominations are proving that directors like Susanne Bier and Lars von Trier are excellent directors.

The golden age was kicked off with the dogme-movement founded in 1995, where the point was to get back to the core of filmmaking, focusing on traditional values like story, acting and theme instead of special effects and technology. In the manifesto ‘Dogme95’ Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg wrote down new rules to follow when making a film, the most well-known is probably that all dogme-films have to be filmed with a hand-held camera.

With the international acknowledgement of Danish films a lot of them can be found on Canadian Netflix. Every month we pick a new one to help you discover the treasures of Danish filmmaking.