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Danish director puts young women in focus

Danish director puts young women in focus
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Danish filmmaker Eva Marie Rødbro visits Ottawa on April 28th to screen her two movies I Touched Her Legs (2010) and We Chose the Milkyway (2015). The screening of the movies will be part of the free event ‘No Filter’ at SAW Media, along with a film by Canadian filmmakers Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby.

We Chose the Milkyway follows a group of young women who live on the outskirts of Copenhagen in a world full of acrylic nails, hair extensions and techno rave parties.

I Touched Her Legs
follows a group of suburban teenagers in their transition from childhood to adulthood. 

SAW Video’s Programming Director, Neven Lockhead, and the film directors will take questions from the audience after the screening. Read more about the ‘No Filter’ event here.

Rødbro typically works in a process where she integrates herself with small groups of friends, families and intimate relationships, and thereby creates a level of comfort with her subjects. This approach makes Rødbro able to encapsulate and portray human connections and vulnerability up close.

Trailer for the event:

NO FILTER : Screening and Discussion, April 28th // Eva Marie Rødbro + Duke and Battersby from SAW Video Media Art Centre on Vimeo.

Time and place
Friday, April 28th, 2017 – 7 PM
SAW Video Media Art Centre
67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa

The event is free