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Denmark on Netflix
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This month: Noma – my perfect storm
The world famous Danish restaurant Noma went on “a journey from zeros to heroes”.  With the opening of Noma in 2003 a whole new genre of gastronomy was born: New Nordic. But when Noma first opened it wasn’t the success as we know it today. The movie “Noma – my perfect storm” tells the story of the incredible rise of New Nordic cuisine and Noma.

Cooking is a language
Even though the restaurant serves up bizarre ingredients like ants, Noma has been awarded World’s Best Restaurant four times. This put the restaurant on the gastronomy map for good. Noma is famous for revolutionizing Nordic cuisine but few people realize that Noma also revolutionized the role of the chef.

Under the creative leadership of René Redzepi the idea of the modern chef has changed. He is a charismatic person and is known in the chef milieu for doing things his own way. The way he deals with food as something poetic is truly different:

As a cook, you are creating a language. We need an alphabet to build sentences. The ingredients are our alphabet, and the more letters we have, the more beautiful the prose

Photo credit//Magnolia Pictures

Nordic kitchen – the revolution
Scandinavia, and especially Denmark, has been the centre for foodies and Michelin stars for the past decade, but it was not always like that. French cuisine used to be the all-dominant kitchen. “Noma - my perfect storm” explores how this has changed. Paul Cunningham, the Michelin-winning chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro describes how wild this transition was: 

Suddenly people flew to Scandinavia – just to eat.

The movie describes the ups and downs the Noma team experienced while the restaurant was on its rise to stardom. New Nordic is one of Denmark’s biggest success stories and if you’re just a little bit interested in food and Scandinavia, this is the movie for you.


Why is Danish film 'happening' right now?
Yes, not only New Nordic cuisine is known outside of Denmark. Maybe you have also heard about Danish movies like ‘The Hunt’ or ‘Melancholia’. There is a good chance that you have because Danish film is experiencing a golden age right now. The Golden Globe and the Oscars have been recognising the outstanding work of Danish directors including Susanne Bier and Lars von Trier.

This golden age kicked off with the dogme-movement in 1995. The point was to get back to the core of filmmaking, focusing on fundamental values like story, acting and theme more than special effects and technology. In their manifesto ‘Dogme95’ filmmakers Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg wrote down a set of rules (dogma) for making film. The most well-known is you must use a hand-held camera.

With the international acknowledgement of Danish film, many are screening on Canadian Netflix. Every month we will pick a favourite and post it on our home page to help you discover the treasures of Danish filmmaking.