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Denmark on Netflix - May's pick

Denmark on Netflix - May's pick
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Danish filmmaking has experienced a Golden age in recent years leading to a number of Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominations, and wins at the Berlinale and Cannes Film Festival. Famous Danish filmmakers include Susanne Bier (In a Better World, The Night Manager), Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), Thomas Vinterberg (The Hunt), Lars von Trier (Melancholia) and many more. Von Trier and Vinterberg were also founders of the filmmaking dogme-movement in the 1990s. Because of their international renown, several Danish films are available on Canadian Netflix. Each month we will pick a new one to help you discover these Danish film treasures. This May we have picked a drama based on a true Royal triangle!


A Royal Affair (2012)

A Royal Affair is based on a true story of a Royal love triangle in Denmark. In 1767 British Princess Caroline (Alicia Vikander) is betrothed to King Christian VII of Denmark (Mikkel Boe-Følsgaard), and she soon discovers what the Danish Royal Court has tried to keep a secret within the castle walls – the king is mad. The only person able to influence the mad king is German Doctor Johann Struensee (Mads Mikkelsen). Struensee uses his influence on the king to introduce enlightened reforms in the king’s name and to get close to the princess who shares Struensee’s enthusiasm for the reforms. Princess Caroline’s and Struensee’s shared enthusiasm for the reform evolves into a passionate affair, which proves to be a dangerous mix in the kingdom of the ‘Mad King’.

The movie is directed by Nikolaj Arcel and was nominated for an Oscar in the ‘Foreign Language Film’ category in 2012.