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Denmark on Spotify - MØ

Denmark on Spotify - MØ
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Denmark on Spotify - MØ

MØ’s first album was recorded in the old rec room in her parents’ house. Her studio was a homemade cave made up of old sheets and pillows, a MacBook and microphone and it was just as good as any high-level studio at Sony Music for Danish artist MØ.

She may prefer to do things in her own down-to-earth kind of way, but it is hard to ignore that with her electro and indie hit music, Danish MØ has risen to international stardom. With two of her songs played more than 1.3 million times on Spotify, it is safe to say that she has made her way to the top of international pop music.

You have probably danced or sung along to hits like ‘Lean On’ and ‘Final Song’. However, these are not her only popular songs. MØ has two big album successes behind her, ‘Kamikaze’ from 2015 and `No Mythologies to Follow´ from 2014.

A true Spice Girls fan

MØ, also known by her real name Karen Marie Østergaard,, started making music as a 7-year-old when she inherited her grandmother’s old piano. However, her love of the 90’s girl band the Spice Girls was what really got her interested in music and their influence is noticeable in MØ’s 90’s outfits and girl-power mentality. MØ was thrilled and burst into tears when sporty spice Melanie C presented MØ with the P3 Gold prize:

Recording with Major Lazor

MØ has recorded many songs with some of the world’s biggest stars. She has featured three times on Major Lazor’s songs. The most famous is probably ‘Lean on’ from 2015. MØ has topped charts in both the US and UK several times. If you have not already heard this internationally known Danish electro-popstar, go straight to Spotify and turn her festive music on!

Here is a top 3 to get you started with MØ on Spotify:

  1. Lean On
  2. Final Song
  3. Kamikaze


Danish music of the month

Every month we select a Danish artist you can listen to on Spotify. Danish music is having a Golden Age in recent years with great artists who have made it to the international music scene and set new records on the billboards. Artists like Lukas Graham and MØ have toured in the US and Canada. Their mix of pop music and indie electronic seems to hit the North American vibe.