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Climate & Energy

From the individual consumer and the small organic farm to the large multinational company, there is an increased focus on living green in Denmark.

Energy Strategy 2050

Denmark’s overall energy strategy - Energy Strategy 2050 - is the first of its kind domestically or internationally. It describes the energy policy tools that are required to make Denmark a green society with a stable energy supply. 

State of Green

Denmark is the first country in the world to create an official green brand: State of Green. The brand and its supporting activities strengthen international awareness of the solutions and competencies of Danish business and industry within the fields of energy, climate and environment. 


Global Green Growth Forum is an initiative of the Danish Government, launched in partnership with the Korean Government and developed in association with the Global Green Growth Institute. The mission of 3GF is to explore and demonstrate how better collaboration among business experts and public institutions can effectively realize growth potentials in the transition to a ‘green economy’. Read more

Climate & Energy Policies: Denmark, the EU and the UN

Strong and ambitious climate and energy policies are essential both nationally and internationally to overcome the challenges imposed on the global environment.

Get an overview of the climate initiative in Denmark, which is subject to the European Union’s aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 and 2030.