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Danish Bicycle Culture

Another aspect of the Green Nation is the internationally known Danish biking culture.

In greater numbers than ever before, Danes use their bikes as the primary means of transportation. Why? It’s healthy, convenient, cheap and GREEN.

On the 2011 Copenhagenize Index – named after the impact Copenhagen has had as an inspiration to metropolises around the world to adapt their city planning to accommodate bicyclists – Copenhagen is a proud number two after Amsterdam.

The Copenhagenize Index is the first comprehensive index of the world's bicycle-friendly cities. It is compiled by Copenhagenize Consulting – an urban planning consultancy specialising in re-establishing the bicycle as transport. You can find it in the link box below.

‘Copenhagenizing’ is now a term used by other cities around the world to promote a better city biking culture, and Copenhagen is naturally number 1 on the 2015 index.

Cyclists in Copenhagen travel a total of 1.2 million kilometres by bike every year. This is the equivalent of cycling to the moon and back – twice! In fact, Copenhageners are so fond of their bikes, that 2016 became the year where bikes outnumbered cars in the capital of Denmark.

Denmark even has a Cycling Embassy of Denmark. The Cycling Embassy of Denmark is a comprehensive network of private companies, local authorities and non-governmental organizations working together to promote cycling and communicate cycling solutions and know-how.

Cycling World Denmark, Sport Event Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen and others have collaborated to make a short film about Danish Bicycle Culture: WE LOVE BIKES.