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Equally happy and green

Like the other Nordic countries, Denmark is characterised by universal welfare services such as free healthcare and free education. Danes have been named the happiest people in the world in several surveys and have a lot to smile about. Here you can learn why.


Green living, get introduced

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Get familiarized with the central elements on which green Danish culture is built and learn how Danish cultural traits such as Nordic cuisine, Danish architecture, welfare, bicycle culture, wind energy and sustainable projects all aim to create a green Denmark in social balance. Click here



A great place to live and do business

What makes Denmark a great place to live? On the website of Invest in Denmark you can read more about what makes our country distinct, get 10 good reasons to do business in Denmark and study the innovative Danish Cleantech solutions designed to promote a society grounded solely on green and renewable energy. Click here

Global challenges, Copenhagen solutions

In August 2012, a plan was passed in Copenhagen aiming to cut CO2 emissions in the city by approximately 1.6 million tons by 2025, making Copenhagen the first carbon-neutral capital in the world. Read more about how the capital of Denmark is constantly striving to increase the liveability and sustainability of the city by facing global climate challenges with Copenhagen solutions. Click here