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Cool Nordic 2016 brings Nordic Cool to Montreal

""The Ambassador of Denmark highlights the warm relationship between the Nordic countries and Québec. Photo credit: Line Lønnum.

The Embassy in Ottawa and the Trade Council in Toronto hosted the commercial and cultural event, Cool Nordic2016 in Montreal on November 23rd in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Embassies in Canada and the Nordic Trade Councils in Canada.

The purpose of the event was to promote Nordic products and lifestyle to the Canadian market. The event provided a great atmosphere for the participants and showcased the unique attributes of Nordic products and lifestyle.

Show-cooking with Castello and Royal Greenland. Photo credit: Line Lønnum.

Cool Nordic featured interesting presentations on Nordic design, lifestyle and culture. The speakers gave their views on what they see as uniquely Nordic, such as how the Nordic welfare model like social security, trust, and good governance impacts happiness. We also learned how innovations have replaced traditional materials and how Nordic design has made people and their comfort a priority without compromising the environment and future generations.

There was also show-cooking and a fashion show which promoted Nordic products. The participants used the event to engage in networking activities and to establish contacts between sellers and buyers in the Canadian market.
""Bestseller, ECCO and Pilgrim on display. Photo credit: Line Lønnum.

Roundtable on Sustainable Growth in Northern, Arctic and Remote Communities

In the margins of the main event, the Nordic Embassies arranged a multi-stakeholder roundtable on sustainable growth in Northern, Arctic and remote communities. Participants included representatives from the Nordic Council of Ministers and each of the Nordic countries as well as representatives from the federal government of Canada and the provincial government of Quebec.

Representatives from both Canadian and Nordic companies also participated in the roundtable and contributed to the discussions by highlighting the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the North. More importantly, they also highlighted how each company has created solutions to challenges by establishing a profitable business model as well as contributing to sustainable growth in the regions.

The roundtable provided a great opportunity for sharing best practices on issues related to energy, infrastructure and sustainability. It also highlighted the importance of engaging actors from both the public sector as well as the private sector in order to find solutions to the challenges surrounding operations in the Northern regions.

The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Government for Quebec showed that they already adhered to cooperation by signing a letter of intent in 2015 on northern development in a broad range of areas including renewable energy and energy supply.