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Sold out theatres in Ottawa during a great week for Danish cinema

19.11.2013  16:02

Last week Ottawa got two unique glimpses of Danish cinema. On Thursday audiences were treated to a free inside look on how to build cities that reflect the needs of people - not cars and buildings. The documentary “The Human Scale” shown at the Mayfair Theatre goes a long way to illustrate the benefits of including “the human scale” in urban-architecture.

(The Human Scale @ Mayfair theatre)

As a co-sponsor of the event, along with Urban Forum, the Royal Danish Embassy in Canada was especially pleased to see a completely packed theatre of just short of 330 enthusiastic people, interested in the Danish view on city-planning. And we were of course very sad for the people who weren’t allowed in, when the theatre hit max-capacity. But luckily Ottawa’s other independent theatre Bytowne Cinema will be showing the movie later in November. Find out when here

Reviews of the movie can be found here and here.

The day after the screening of The Human Scale, the Danish Embassy was presenting their entry in to this year’s European Union Film Festival. An annual festival formed in collaboration with the Canadian Film Institute and the EU delegation in Canada.

(Superclásico @ EUFF - photo: DFI)

The entry of this year was the Danish comedy “Superclásico” which critics have called “One of the happiest movies ever made about divorces”. The Embassy was very grateful for the fantastic support from the audiences - and the auditorium at Library & Archives on Wellingston St was completely packed. This was a record attendance for the Danish Embassy at the European Union Film Festival. On the downside, that unfortunately meant that some people did not get in.

Nonetheless, we thank you all for showing such great support and making it a fantastic week for Danish cinema in Ottawa!

Ottawa Review of Superclásico here