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Hamilton opens the door for Nordic experts on affordable housing

23.03.2018  22:59
Hamilton, a city in The Greater Toronto Area in Canada, aims to bring new ideas to affordable housing challenges

On May 10-11 delegates from several Nordic countries are expected to take part in a two-day workshop intended to bring new ideas to Hamilton's growing focus on affordable and sustainable housing by letting the Nordic companies showcase Nordic best practices and solutions on sustainable and affordable housing.

One of the main goals of the workshop is to bring in experiences from the Nordic cities who have been able to transition from industrial cities in the 20th century to liveable greener economies today, and the workshop in Hamilton is an example of the interest North American cities have for Nordic ideas to city challenges. To learn more about how to become part of the Open Innovation Workshop called "The Future of Hamilton", and sumbit your solution for affordable housing challenges, read more about the days here:

The event is organized together with Hamilton by Quercus Group, Climate-Kic and The International Federation of Housing and Planning and funded by a Nordic Innovation programme around Sustainable cities that promotes Nordic solutions to urban development issues.

For more background on how Hamilton got to work with Nordic and Danish city developments and how The Trade Council in Toronto has been part of the process of making the workshop happen, click here:

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