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Denmark dominates Nordic Council Awards

31.10.2013  19:04

The Nordic Council Prizes were handed it out at the Opera house in Oslo yesterday, with Danes claiming top spot in three out of the five categories.  


Among the winners, was Danish Oscar-hopeful The Hunt directed by Thomas Vinterberg. The highly acclaimed movie was awarded the Nordic Council film prize.

The Nordic Council explained their motivation behind the selection:

"In Thomas Vinterberg's 'The Hunt', a man is wrongfully accused of child abuse. At first glance it is a straightforward tale that could have been told in ancient Greece as well as in Hollywood. But beneath the seemingly simple surface lie many complex themes, forcing the audience to discuss and analyse what they see. Through the allegory of 'the hunt', Vinterberg's film explores how the individual can be persecuted even in a well-meaning and well-functioning society, when it suddenly turns on one of its own. This remarkable story is carried by Mads Mikkelsen's powerful performance, the striking score and haunting and beautiful imagery."

The Hunt has been shown in cinemas around Canada on several occasions.


The prize for best literature went to Danish-Norwegian author Kim Leine for his captivating novel “Profeterne I Evighedsfjorden” (The Prophets of Eternal Fjord), which is being published in English, next year. The novel is set in the Arctic, Greenland specifically.


The prize-committee had the following to say about the novel and author:
"The Nordic Council's Literature Prize 2013 is awarded to Kim Leine for the novel ‘Profeterne i Evighedsfjorden’, a riveting epic about suppression and rebellion, an anti-colonial, wildly sprawling work that fantasizes over man as body and mind”.

Nature & Environment

Lastly the Nature & Environment Prize was given to Dane Ms. Selina Juul. The prize is given to a Nordic company, organisation or individual who has developed a product, an invention or in some other creative way has increased resource efficiency and thereby contributed to reducing human beings' ecological footprint in nature.


Selina Juul has been a leading figure, particularly in Denmark - in the fight against food waste.

“Selina Juul's persistent focus on food waste - in collaboration with other interested parties - has led to a reduction of food waste in Denmark. With her creativity, enthusiasm and hard work, she has contributed to reducing human beings' ecological footprint in nature”, says the Adjudication Committee in its motivation.”

The Nordic Council is a large geo-political inter-parliamentary forum consisting of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. All states and territories connected to the northern parts of the world. The prizes are handed out in correlation with the annual meeting of ministers and representatives within the Nordic Council member states.

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