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North Americans love Danish environmentally friendly products

06.01.2012  20:34
The Danish insulation behemoth Rockwool is experiencing glory days in North America. 

The Danish insulation behemoth Rockwool are experiencing glory days in North America. The global economic slowdown that especially the Americans are feeling has made consumers more cautious. Combined with a focus on environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient solutions, this have resulted in two-digit growth numbers for the Danish company.

Rockwool (ROXUL) is now planning on establishing a production plant in the U.S. to expand on their North American production, now located in Milton, Canada. The Milton production facility is among the most advanced of the 24 facilities that Denmark-based Rockwool operates around the world, and it went through a $150-million dollar expansion, summer of 2009, to keep up with demand. 

The US and the Canadian markets together are expected to contribute with 15 % of Rockwools total revenue in 2015. In 2011 Rockwool expects a turnover of 13,5 billion DKK.

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