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Healthy Ageing Tour 2017

31.07.2017  16:50
Join us for this year’s Healthy Ageing Tour of Denmark from 31 October to 03 November. This guided tour hopes to promote knowledge exchange between North America and Denmark with respects to models and approaches for healthy ageing.


Key themes & learning opportunities

  • Approach to maintaining independence and supporting patients, families and caregivers
  • Age-friendly health system and service design, and integration between services
  • The role of technology in supporting healthy ageing at home; and bridging care between hospital and community
  • Site visits to residential, long-term care, and independent living facilities
  • Who might want to attend?

  • Eldercare advocates and health system decision makers, policy experts and executives
  • Healthcare clinicians and professionals
  • Private and public operators of homecare and long-term care services
  • Academics and educators focused on ageing, geriatrics and rehabilitation
  • Supporting citizens in remaining self-sufficient and independent is an important element of Danish healthcare for the elderly. Allowing people an independent and empowered life optimizes well-being and results in significant savings in the medical care sector. 

    Registration is now closed. For information about the 2018 tour, please contact:

    Kerry Allerton
    Royal Danish Consulate, Toronto / 416-640-1301             

    Helene Scherling Olsen
    Royal Danish Consulate, Toronto / 416-640-7484


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