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The Foreign Minister and the ambassador of Palestine sign agreement on Mission in Denmark

16.01.2014  16:21
A new agreement gives the Mission of Palestine in Denmark conditions equivalent to those of an embassy.  The agreement will enter into force later in 2014 once Parliament has passed the necessary change of law.  It means that all Nordic countries will offer similar conditions to the respective missions of Palestine.


Foreign Minister Holger K. Nielsen and ambassador Amro Alhourani, Chief of Mission of the Mission of Palestine in Denmark, on 14 February 2014 signed a new agreement on the status of the Mission of Palestine in Denmark.  The agreement offers the Mission and its diplomatic agents conditions equal to those of an embassy and its diplomatic staff.

The Foreign Minister in his speech stressed the efforts undertaken by President Abbas to build the fundamental structures for a Palestinian state.  Denmark supports these efforts.  The Government´s decision to offer the Mission of Palestine this upgrade should also be seen in a Nordic context since it means that the status will become the same in all the Nordic countries.

The Foreign Minister states:  “The Government recognizes the efforts for many years under President Abbas to build the structures of a state.  And it recognizes the political and practical steps taken by President Abbas and his government to come to a two-state solution with Israel.  Denmark supports the current peace talks and encourages the two parties to seize this opportunity for peace.  It may not necessarily arrive again any time soon if negotiations fail.  I hope that the time will come when we can take the full step and recognize a Palestinian state side by side with Israel.”

Palestinian Chief of Mission, ambassador Amro Alhourani, stressed deep gratitude over the new agreement.  The ambassador referred to the Danish yes vote when Palestine at the UN General Assembly in November 2012 was granted “non-member observer state status” which in his words was only one among several Danish steps taken in support of Palestine.  Finally, the ambassador underlined how he looked forward to expanding relations between Denmark and Palestine, and that Palestinian efforts to further peace and stability in the Middle East for everyone in the region, including Israelis, would be continued.