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SheDecides Day

01.03.2018  20:53

On March 1st 2018, the SheDecides movement turns one year. The Danish embassy in Ottawa is joining the celebration.

The movement was co-initiated by Denmark as a reaction to the Global Gag Rule, targeting NGOs that provide information on safe abortions. Among the consequences of the Global Gag Rule are; women and girls are prevented from accessing contraception and safe abortion, restricted access to health care, setting back the fight for the right to decide over one’s own body and for gender equality in general.

In honour of SheDecides Day, the Danish and South African governments are co-hosting a flagship event in Pretoria under the theme of “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights”. The aim is to create further awareness on the women’s health rights and to deepen the East and South African regions’ involvement in SheDecides. Minister for International Development, Ulla Tørnæs is participating on behalf of Denmark.


You can read more about the SheDecides movement HERE.

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