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When a Danish document has to be used abroad, it often has to be legalised.

The Legalisation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark introduces e-Apostille and webshop

On 15 November 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark will switch over to a completely new legalisation system. The new system enables the issuance of e-Apostilles, i.e. an Apostille stamp with a digital certificate/signature. In this way, documents issued by Danish authorities with a digital signature can also be legalised/apostilled electronically.

In connection with introducing the new system, we will also open a self-service solution with webshop, which citizens and businesses can use to request and pay for legalisation and Apostille stamps.

All requests regarding legalisation or Apostille stamps can therefore be made online from 15 November. This applies both for digitally signed documents (which in future can be sent electronically) and for physical documents with an original signature (which in the same way as earlier can be sent by post or processed at our customer service desk while you wait).

NB: Documents received by post before 15 November will be processed in line with the previous applicable procedure.

When a Danish document has to be used abroad, it often has to be legalised.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Legalisation Office
Asiatisk Plads 2
DK-1448 Copenhagen K

Opening hours

Office hours:

Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 12.00

Thursdays also between 13:30 - 15:30


View map: Location of Legalisation


Telephone hours:

Tel: +45 33 92 12 33

Monday - Wednesday: 14.00 - 15.00


Closing days 2018:

The legalisations Office is closed on the following days in 2017: 

29th March – 2nd April 2018
27th April 2018
10th May 2018
21st Maj 2018
5th June 2018
24th December 2018 - 1st January 2019