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Danish Heritage Permit

The Heritage permit enables people with Danish heritage to reside and work in Denmark.

To qualify for this permit, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:


  1. You have previously held Danish citizenship 
  2. Both your parents or all four grandparents are or were born Danish citizens 
  3. You are a German citizen belonging to the Danish minority in South Schleswig

If you qualify for this permit, you will be granted a temporary residence permit for a maximum of 12 months. Normally you will be granted permanent residency after having resided in Denmark for one year.

Step 1: Start the Application and pay Application Fee
Start by filling out the Heritage Application (SG3) form and submit it along with the required documents in Step 2.

Pay the fee for the Consulate General online via the following link and ensure to include the receipt with your application:

Important: Please read this explanation regarding the fee structure for the permit you're applying for.

Step 2: Collect Documents
Please click here for the document checklist.

Please note: The document checklist found within the application form will be slightly different from the Embassy checklist. Please follow the Embassy checklist carefully.

For quick and efficient processing you must collect all the necessary documents in the mandatory checklist before you submit your application. Failure to submit all the required documents may result in unnecessary delays or rejection.

Your original passport will be shipped to the Royal Danish Consulate General in Toronto for verification, but will be returned to you via courier (prepaid at VFS), usually within a week.

Step 3: Submit Application

Applications for residence permits for Denmark must always be made in person as biometric features (digital photo, fingerprints and signature) are mandatory requirements for permit applications.

To book an appointment please click here for the VFS Global booking module.

Please note that when booking an appointment online, it will be at a VFS Global Centre, not at the Embassy or any of our consulates.

Addresses for the VFS Global Application Centres can be accessed here.

Please do not show up for your appointment more than 10 minutes in advance.




Please note that documentation is accepted only in the following languages:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

Documentation in French is unfortunately not accepted.

Failing to submit all relevant documentation will result in unnecessary delays or rejection.