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Step 1: Start Application Online

Should you have questions regarding the visa application process after reading the information available on this website, please contact VFS Global directly at:


To book an appointment, please use the online booking module.


Are you applying through the appropriate Embassy?

Applications for visas must be submitted through the Embassy representing the country of the main purpose of your trip, as defined by the following guidelines:

  1. If you are going on a combined business and tourism trip, the destination country for your business trip is your main destination.
  2. If you are visiting multiple countries for strictly business or tourism purposes, the country where you spend the majority of your time is your main destination.
  3. If you are visiting multiple countries for strictly business or tourism purposes and the majority of length of stay is the same in two or more countries, then the country of first entry is your main destination.

If one of the above applies to Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Iceland, Norway or Sweden, please proceed. If not, then you must submit your application through the country that fits one of the above guidelines.

Please note:

VFS Global is the only official service partner of the Royal Danish Embassy in matters regarding visas and residence permits. In addition to recording your biometrics and verifying your documentation, VFS Global also offers additional services, such as form filling, photo copying and application tracking for approved additional fees.

Using other third party service providers is at your own risk. Please always verify the documentation requirements directly on the website of the Royal Danish Embassy, as it has come to our attention that other providers are providing incorrect information. VFS Global has received specialized training in documentation requirements for our Embassy.

To ensure efficient, accurate and timely processing, your visa application should be started online via the Visa Self Service Portal. This portal allows you to fill in the visa application form and pay online instead of handing in a paper form.

This requires you to create a user profile online, which can be used for future applications as well.

Not all passports are accepted by the Schengen member states, either as a whole or for individual states. Please review this list to see if your specific passport or travel document is accepted. This list is updated continuously, so please review this information closely.


It is important that you ensure that Ottawa is selected as the Foreign Service Mission when completing the online application form.

Your application is not complete until you have finished the payment section of the application, even if your application is free or eligible for a reduced fee.

When you have completed your application form, you will be prompted to print out a Visa Self Service Cover Letter and a receipt, which must be submitted with your application.

Please continue to Step 2 - Collect Documents.


Please be advised that the total process for obtaining a visa consists of several parts:

  • It can take up to 14 days to obtain an appointment with VFS for submitting your application.
  • Once your application arrives at the Embassy, the processing time begins. The processing time varies depending on the current workload. Please see the front page for the current processing time.
  • Included in the overall handling time is also the shipping of your documents from VFS to the Embassy as well as the return from the Embassy to you.


The processing times may be longer than this during peak travel season (May, June, July, August and December) due to case volume or if cases require further scrutiny.


Please note that neither the Embassy nor our consulates can be held responsible for technical difficulties, human errors or shipping delays in the processing of passports, permits and visa applications.



It is the applicant’s responsibility to apply in time for the intended departure.



For passports: 5 weeks prior

For permits: 3 months prior

For visas: 1 to 3 month prior is recommended.


(Last updated April 13th 2017)