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Funds for International Cultural Exchange

Funds for international cultural exchange are available to professional artists and stakeholders only.

Canadian partners, interested in initiating collaboration on international cultural exchange with Denmark, can be considered for a cultural grant through an application to the Embassy including the following: 

  1. Name, company, contact person, contact details.
  2. Project title, purpose (max 500 characters) and a short description (max 800 characters).
  3. Success criteria (max 500 characters).
  4. Location of the project, project period and applied amount in DKK or CAD.
  5. CV of participating artists, partnerships, and stakeholders.
  6. Budget outline detailing estimated expenses and income.

When assessing the application, the Embassy will place emphasis on the project reflecting quality, local interest, long-term perspective, stakeholder cooperation and communication.  

Fund Applications are a Two-Step Process 

To be successful, the application must first be selected by the Embassy and secondly be included in an application to the steering committee between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. The steering committee manages two funds for international cultural exchange. The funds are distributed based on principles and aims in the International Cultural Panel’s strategy and Funding Guide

The Fund of Disposable Funds for Danish Embassies 

This fund is administered by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. Each year the Embassy applies for disposable cultural funds to the Agency and if successful, the funds are distributed annually in April. If you wish to have your project included in the annual application, you must submit your application to the Embassy no later than January 1st.  

Please note that this type of cultural grant will be a moderate amount allocated to initiate a project and that the project must be supplemented by local funding sources or additional funding from the Danish Arts Foundation. For a comprehensive overview of government arts funding possibilities through the Danish Arts Foundation’s international funding programmes,  please see Funding Programmes.

The Fund under the Agreement on Cooperation between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture about Denmark’s International Cultural Exchange  

This fund can be applied to by the institutions (the Embassy) working under the agreement on cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, to cover expenses for cultural projects. 

The fund applies to ad hoc cultural projects of less than 100.000 DKK with a response time of four weeks.  

The fund also applies to cultural projects of more than 100.000 DKK, applied for four weeks prior to a steering committee meeting (held four times annually), with a response time of twelve weeks. 

We encourage you to bring forth your ideas for international cultural cooperation to the Embassy.