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Danish Life Sciences News and Events

News and Events

Health Roundtables in Ottawa and Toronto:

On May 8th, 2019, the Royal Danish Embassy and Trade Council hosted a roundtable discussion at the Danish Ambassador’s Residence in Ottawa with high-level stakeholders from government, industry, not-for-profit and academia to exchange ideas and best practices on how to build a thriving life sciences sector. The keynote speaker, Mr. Kasper Lindgaard, Head of Division at Denmark’s Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, discussed the shared belief in Denmark that ‘health is wealth’ and what it means to support growth in the life sciences sector.

The keynote presentation can be found here.

The following day, we ventured back to Toronto to hold another roundtable with provincial stakeholders to help exchange ideas and best practices on how Ontario can develop a digital health strategy to help improve the speed and efficiency of care for Ontarians by drawing on experiences from other successful jurisdictions, including Denmark. The discussions covered a range of thematic areas, including:
• The role of data and connectivity in the health system
• The importance of public-private sector collaboration in digital transformation
• Considerations for developing a digital health strategy.

Mr. Kasper Lindgaard provided the first keynote where he shared aspects of ‘Digital Denmark’ and how digitization has formed the underpinning of a strong healthcare system. Mr. Lingaard’s keynote presentation can be found here. Ms. Fredrika Scarth, Director of the Secretariat to the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine in Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, provided the second keynote, where she provided an overview of where the province was at with respect to its mission to end hallway medicine and create more value in the healthcare system. 

The Danish Life Sciences Forum plans to organize subsequent forums in 2019 to dive into greater details on some of the themes that emerged from the two roundtables. 

Outcomes Report for May 8th Roundtable on Best Practices on How to Build a Thriving Life Sciences Sector can be found here.

Outcomes Report for May 9th Roundtable on Access to Data and Connectivity in Healthcare – Lessons from Denmark can be found here.

Growing the Life Sciences Industry: Improving Access, Affordability & Appropriate Use of Medicines

On September 25, 2018, a moderated discussion took place in Ottawa to look at examples from Canada and Denmark on approaches for improving affordability of and access to innovative medicines, while at the same time growing the knowledge-based economy. The event was moderated by Ilse Treurnicht, Former CEO, MaRS Discovery District and opening remarks were delivered by the Danish Ambassador to Canada, Thomas Winkler. Panellists included Hans Erik Henriksen, CEO Healthcare Denmark, Brian Hilberdink, President, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc., and Sheryl Groeneweg, Director General, Manufacturing & Life Sciences Branch Innovation, Sciences and Economic Development Canada.


Click here to watch the full event and discussion.


Denmark Launches a Life Sciences Growth Plan

Denmark has launched a new Life Sciences Growth Plan, which aims to strengthen one of Denmark's leading industries. The plan includes 36 initiatives, targeting barriers and opportunities for the industry across the entire value chain. Although Danish life sciences companies are already leading in global markets, there is general recognition that in order to remain competitive, it requires a constant focus on strengthening innovation, research, and product development


PMPRB Submission 

August 21, 2020
Please find the full PMPRB submission here

INDU Submission

June 18, 2020

Please review the full INDU submission here.

Pre-Budget Submission

February 27, 2020

Please review the full pre-budget submission here

PMPRB Draft Guidelines Consultation Submission:

On February 14, 2020, the Danish Life Sciences Forum provided input on the PMPRB’s Draft Guidelines regarding the implementation of the newly amended Patented Medicines Regulations. The input submission aims to provide a Danish life sciences perspective on the new price control regime for patented medicines in Canada.  It is complementary to the individual submissions made by the DLSF Canadian affiliates and to the industry association, Innovative Medicines Canada.
Please find the full submission here.

Ontario`s 2019 Budget Inputs

Please read our Ontario's 2019 budget inputs here.

Pre-Budget Submission

In response to the Pre-Budget Consultations in advance of the 2019 budget launched by the Standing Committee on Finance, the Danish Life Sciences Forum submitted recommendations to support the topic of Economic Growth: Ensuring Canada's Competitiveness. The Danish Life Sciences Forum has offered its perspectives on how the federal government can use innovation in the life sciences industry as a way to diversify the economy, increase productivity and competitiveness, and attract and retain the jobs of tomorrow.

Please review the full pre-budget submission here.

Treasury Board Secretariat’s regulatory modernization initiative submission – September 14, 2018

The Danish Life Sciences Forum provided input on the Treasury Board Secretariat’s regulatory modernization initiative. The submission is complementary to that of the industry association, Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC), and focuses on one of the three key sectors that have been targeted for the three-year regulatory review process: health and bio-sciences. The submission focuses on Health Canada’s proposed reform of the PMPRB, which runs contrary to the Treasury Board Secretariat’s efforts to streamline regulation in health and bio-sciences.


Please review the full submission here.

Danish Life Sciences Forum provides input to the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare

On Friday, September 28, Danish Life Sciences Forum provided input on the Advisory Council's implementation of National Pharmacare. The input submission is complementary to that of the industry association, Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC), and provides a Danish perspective on the national pharmacare discussions, conveying six specific recommendations for the Advisory Council's further development of a national pharmacare system in Canada.

Please find the full input submission here.  


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