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Green Build & Urban Solutions

Architecture, Engineering and Construction


Like many places around the world, North America is experiencing rapid urbanization and challenges that go hand-in-hand with growth. Civic governments are on the front lines of service delivery, managing sustainable growth, repercussions of climate change and citizen engagement. Rapid infrastructure investments are ongoing in order to sustain the thirst for growth across both Canada and the United States with impressive development across various construction sectors including both private and public infrastructure projects, architecture, engineering, construction, interior fit and finish.

The Danish brand of urbanism and greenbuilding is strong in North America and legislators are looking to the successful examples set by Danish cities such as Copenhagen, Vejle and Aarhus as inspiration to help create lasting change in their own neighbourhoods. Denmark has produced impressive feats of engineering and infrastructure that have improved the lives of citizens and created considerable economic value that has received attention in Canada and the United States.

In addition to urban transformation from a civic level, Danish entrepreneurship and innovation has established a strong business case for private sector involvement in the search for the world’s best urban solutions.


The Danish Trade Council are here to help facilitate greenbuild and urban solutions opportunities for Danish companies in both Canada and across North America. With a team situated in both Toronto and New York, and with strong ties to almost every market across the continent, the Danish Trade Council in North America have our finger on the pulse of various opportunities for Danish companies to Explore, Execute and Establish.


• Knowledge of nuanced urban trends across North America
• Public and Private Tender Mapping
• Curated Partner Search & Match-Making
• Urban Solution focused networking events
• Site visits and tours
• Outreach to stakeholders (private developers, universities, government agencies, NGOs, etc.)


• Dedicated Trade Advisor with local market knowledge
• 1:1 business-to-business meetings and business-to-government meetings (city and State/Province)
• Roundtables, Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions, Delegations (in bound and outbound)
• Sales alliances (system solutions export)
• Public affairs campaign and strategic advice on market entry


• Virtual representation
• Sales representation by local staff
• Use of high end conference facilities, meeting rooms and office space at the consulate

For information on upcoming activities with the Trade Council, please contact the Urban Solutions team and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Pamela Tiller
Senior Sector Expert, Greenbuild & Urban Solution
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Shirin Karoubi

Trade Advisor
Greenbuild and Urban Solutions

District Energy Advisory

Tel.: 001 416 640 7487