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The Arctic Infrastructure Alliance

The Trade Council sees a window for developing business relations and facilitate contact between Arctic Canada and The Kingdom of Denmark. The initiative is a long term engagement to get success in the Arctic market and secure contracts.


Our approach is to build an Arctic Infrastructure Alliance that have a joint go to market offering and sales platform. The alliance will get regular market opportunity updates, project engagement with decision makers (within energy, infrastructure, construction and/or mining sectors) and joint representation at events and meetings in Canada.


Being in Canada, The Trade Council is well positioned with access to federal agencies and Arctic territories, divulging market activities and gaining current/evolving project insights.


As this is a strategic initiative,  The Trade Council Canada is contributing DKK 100.000 to kick-start the initiative over the next 2 years, by commissioning a business opportunities and stakeholder mapping.


For more information regarding the Arctic Infrastructure Alliance, please contact:


Jeppe Fredslund

Consul General & Head of Trade Commission

Direct: +1 416 640 7481


Helene Scherling Olsen 

Senior Advisor, Arctic Business Opportunities      
Tel.: 001 (416) 640 7484