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Danish-Canadian Eldercare Platform

Danish Canadian Eldercare Platform
Danish Canadian Eldercare Platform

Denmark is an international benchmark for eldercare. The Danish approach focuses on empowering elders, considering their individual needs and preferences, and enabling sustainable solutions & technology to facilitate enjoyment and maximize quality of care. The Danish-Canadian Eldercare Platform (DCEP) was created to bridge opportunities for improvement in Canada and solutions from Denmark.

Launched with its inaugural members in August 2021, it is an initiative by the Danish Trade Council that aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, commercial trade, and collaboration between stakeholders in Canada and Denmark. It enables Danish companies with solutions designed for the eldercare market (e.g. long-term care, home care, community care, healthy aging, etc.) to engage with Canadian partners.

The DCEP currently consists of the following companies:

DCEP Members 2024

Our 2022-2023 cohort members include:
DCEP Members 2022-23


You can read more information about our members here:

Guldmann  | Pressalit | Nord Architects  |  DigiRehab  |  Wellness Nordic



Guldmann is a Denmark-based company that works with the development, manufacture, and sales of medical technology for people with reduced capabilities, and work tools for those who look after them. 

Using Guldmann’s technology and methodology, caregivers will free up more ‘Time to Care’, rather than being concerned about physical limitations. As more care tasks are made possible through better solutions, these systems will reduce injuries, improve comfort, and save money. Whether you have low ceilings, residents of size, or want to support rehabilitation within the resident room, Guldmann lifts will allow you to do more. 

With greater room coverage of the track system, from corner to corner, caregivers will be able to lift and place residents from anywhere to anywhere in the room, or even take them directly to the ensuite bathroom; all without any physical exertion. With a better track system, care teams can do much more with the lifts, ensuring that injuries though manual handling of residents are prevented. Low ceiling are no longer a constraint with Guldmann lifts, and also, with continuous charging in the tracks, your lift will always be ready to use. Lastly, teams can do much more with our lift systems, though innovative new tools built with rehabilitation in mind. 

For more information, please visit the official website for Guldmann.


Pressalit Logo

Pressalit A/S is a Danish privately-owned company with production facilities in Ry, Denmark. Since 1954, Pressalit has been designing and producing toilet seats of the highest quality. And since since 1975, they have also been developing and producing accessible bathroom solutions and kitchens for people with reduced mobility, making them one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium bathroom solutions.


With a wide range of products from toilet seats and accessible bathroom components, to changing tables and height-adjustable kitchen counters and cabinets, Pressalit provides flexible solutions to accommodate different needs depending on our life situation, age and physical ability. Pressalit products facilitate dignity and autonomy, efficiency in care, and prevention of injuries for healthcare professionals in eldercare settings like long-term care. Not only are their products made with high quality, hygienic materials, Pressalit offers great knowledge in designing accessible spaces in healthcare facilities, public buildings, and private homes.


Learn more about Pressalit on their official website.



Nord Architects

NORD Architects (founded in Copenhagen in 2003) has designed some of the newest and most innovative healthy aging buildings in Europe, including France’s first Alzheimer Village. NORD has always approached the healthcare sector with an open-minded perspective that has led them to ground-breaking and internationally appreciated architecture with a unique focus on the end users. Their built projects are characterized by high quality design with a Nordic expression and understanding of scale and materials. 

The creation of their architecture is rooted in a deep understanding of the users’ needs, behaviours and actions which they translate into spaces and spatial relations. NORD’s method can be used in all building typologies, and we carry the knowledge across different projects.

NORD is actively looking for partner architect firms and clients to begin to revolutionize the built environment for aging Canadians.

More information is available at the NORD Architects website.



DigiRehab is a unique tool made for digital assisted training aimed at elderly people with a need for assistance at home. DigiRehab’s three functions—screening, exercise, and analysis— are driven by the use of big data and artificial intelligence. Together they provide cost-effective rehabilitation, which increases citizens’ functional mobility and reduces their need for homecare. 

DigiRehab’s solution is unique in that it uses data analytics to prescribe and modify personalized home-based exercise programs; the assessments are based on activities of daily living. The exercise programs, while based on the work of physiotherapists, does not require the presence of this specialized care provider. Instead, generalist home care providers, such as personal support workers, can assist their clients in completing the exercises with the help of instructional videos and images. The weekly log of exercises informs the software regarding the types and intensity of exercises to recommend next throughout the 12-week program. 

The vision of DigiRehab is to ensure quality of life and self-reliance for as many elderly people in homecare as possible. They succeed by providing a qualified training tool at a low cost. DigiRehab has existing sales in several EU countries—including Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria— amounting to more than 15,000 customers (i.e., seniors living at home) to date. 

You can learn more at the official website of DigiRehab.


Wellness Nordic

Wellness Nordic offers a unique and wide range of quality aids and welfare technology solutions that can make a difference to many people in their daily lives, e.g. give them a higher level of self-reliance, better sleep quality or increase their concentration and learning opportunities. The company always focuses on how they can positively influence the well-being and quality of life of citizens, patients and people with special needs, in all age groups.

The main product in Canada, which is distributed by Arjo, is the Wellness Nordic Relax® Chair. Relax® Chair is a multisensory stimulation concept to mitigate negative symptoms of dementia. Developed in close cooperation with long-term care managers and staff in Denmark & Sweden, it combines soothing music (Musicure®) and tactile and vestibular stimulation (via automated rocking) to attenuate outbursts, reduce discomfort, and improve quality of life. Sold in more than 28 markets worldwide, it is a widely used patient-friendly, non-pharmacological tool to offer a calming experience to people experiencing agitation, aggression, or psychological and emotional distress. It is used with great success in long-term care settings in Canada and abroad. 

You can learn more at the Wellness Nordic website.



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