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Hygge Healthcare Tour to Denmark 2020

01.10.2019  16:55
Don't miss the opportunity to experience how Denmark has successfully integrated Hygge into caring for others. Join us at the Hygge Healthcare Tour to Denmark on May 25th-28th, 2020. The tour will further explore how Denmark has placed the patient at the centre of attention through design and innovation.

Hygge Healthcare Tour

On behalf of the Royal Danish Consulate General in Toronto, we would like to invite you to participate in next year’s Hygge Healthcare Tour of Denmark from May 25th – May 28th, 2020. This guided tour hopes to promote knowledge exchange between North America and Denmark with respect to how the Danish Healthcare System has integrated Hygge into caring for others, specifically addressing healthy ageing, senior care, and mental health. Hygge is a concept that is unique to the Danish culture, reflecting a calm, comfortable, and cozy atmosphere. This defining characteristic of Danish culture has had a significant impact on their approach to caring for patients.

In recent years, actions have been made towards shaping healthcare to keep the patient at the center of care. Continuous development of technology and new healthcare practices improve the quality of life of the patient. Further, the emergence of person-centered design thinking strives to help patients through creativity and care, be it on a child’s first visit to the hospital or an adult struggling with mental health challenges.
On the Hygge Healthcare Tour, you will get a closer look at these initiatives, and get to talk to the visionary minds who drive this Danish approach to healthcare.

Key themes & learning opportunities

• A broader understanding of how creativity has been implemented to treat patients and improve their quality of life.
• Learning how ‘Hygge’ has impacted the Danish approach to delivering quality care to patients
• Age-friendly health system and service design, and integration between services.
• The role of design thinking and person-centered care in improving quality of life, with a focus on long-term care homes; and bridging care between hospital and community.

Who might want to attend?

• Health system decision-makers, policy experts, and executives
• Healthcare clinicians and professionals
• Private and public operators of home care and long-term care services
• Academics, professionals, and educators focused on person-centered healthcare and design thinking in healthcare 

This Tour provides an opportunity for stakeholders to:
• Learn about the uniquely Danish ‘Hygge’  approach to healthcare
• Expand their networks and business opportunities
• Address key challenges presented within healthy ageing, senior care, and mental health.

Join us to learn more about the ‘Hygge’ approach to healthcare in Denmark!

*The tour participation fee of CAD 5,000 includes roundtrip airfare from Toronto, hotel, ground transportation, meals, and the tour program. The official tour program 3.5 full days spanning from Monday, May 25 to Thursday, May 28. Cost of the tour includes hotel until Saturday, May 30.

To register for the upcoming tour, please follow this link.

For more information on the tour details, contact:
Robby Spring
Royal Danish Consulate, Toronto / 416-640-1302

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