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Dual Citizenship - Reacquisition of Danish Nationality by Declaration

On September 1, 2015, the bill amending the Danish Nationality Act came into force.

With the new rules, Danish citizens living in Canada can now acquire Canadian citizenship without losing their Danish citizenship.

You do not need to notify the Danish authorities if you acquire Canadian citizenship.

The right to receive Danish pension is not based on nationality. Hence, acquiring Canadian citizenship will not affect your entitlement in this regard. For more information on how to apply for Danish pension from Canada, please click here.

For information on how to obtain Canadian citizenship, please visit the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Please note that neither the Embassy of Denmark in Ottawa nor the Danish consulates in Canada are able to assist regarding Canadian citizenship rules.

Danish citizens who lost their Danish nationality by acquiring Canadian citizenship can now reacquire their Danish nationality, provided they fulfil certain requirements. As Canada allows for full access to dual and multiple nationalities, you will not lose your Canadian citizenship by reacquiring your Danish nationality.

Former Danish nationals can apply for reacquisition of Danish nationality by sending a declaration and relevant documentation to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration. This procedure is available for a five-year period between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2020.

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration has informed that two basic conditions must be fulfilled to reacquire your Danish citizenship under the new rules:

  1. You lost your Danish citizenship because you, or your parents while you were a minor, applied for and acquired the citizenship of another country, for example Canada. 
  2. You have not been sentenced to imprisonment during the period from when you lost your Danish citizenship until you send the declaration to the State Administration

NOTE: If you were born outside of Denmark you lose your Danish citizenship at the age of 22 unless you apply to retain it. If you lost your Danish nationality due to this rule, you cannot reacquire Danish citizenship by declaration. Instead, you need to apply for proof of nationality. You can find more information about that here.

Your child(ren) can acquire Danish nationality as part of your declaration while they are under 18 and remain unmarried. In order to use this opportunity, you must have legal custody over your child(ren) and the other parent must give his/her consent if he/she also has custody.

For adopted children it is an additional requirement that the adoption is legal under Danish law.

For more information about children, please consult the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Integration here (in Danish only).


Step 1: Complete Application Form

Download and complete the application form.

Step 2: Collect Documents
Please click here for the application document checklist.

For a quick and efficient processing, you must collect all the required documents in the checklist before you submit your application. Failure to submit all the required documents may result in delays or rejection of your declaration.

Please note: If you acquired Canadian citizenship prior to February 2012, your certificate is considered commemorative and therefore does not serve as proof of citizenship on its own. You must also present a copy of your citizenship card. More information available here.

Please note that it is your responsibility to consult the checklist in the declaration form before submitting your application. Neither the Embassy of Denmark in Canada nor the Danish consulates can be held responsible for any problems you may incur as a result of missing documents.

Should the Ministry of Immigration and Integration find that there is missing documentation in your application, a request for further information may be forwarded to the Embassy. In such cases the hourly fee for personal assistance must be paid to the Embassy, in accordance with our fee schedule.

Step 3: Submit the Application and Pay the Processing Fee

You can send the declaration directly to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration in Denmark at the following address:

Udlændinge- og Integrationsministeriet
Slotsholmsgade 10
1216 København K

Alternatively, you can submit your declaration through the Danish Embassy or one of our consulates in Canada. Please note that if you choose to submit your declaration this way, there is an additional handling fee payable to the Danish Embassy or the consulate. The handling fee must be paid in the form of a certified cheque or money order issued to the hand-in mission, or in cash. The fee schedule can be found here.

Payment of the non-refundable processing fee

The processing fee of DKK 1100 to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration must be paid using the registration number (registreringsnummer) and account number (kontonummer) listed here. (in Danish only)

The address of the bank is as follows:

Danske Bank, Statens betalinger
Girostrøget 1
0800 Høje Taastrup

Please note that you have to write "ERK" as well as provide you CPR-number or full name must be included with the payment.


The handling fee covers the Embassy or Consulate’s involvement in the following steps:

  • Reception of application form and possible supporting documents. Embassy or consulate signature and date of reception on the application form. The Embassy and consulates are not responsible for checking contents.
  • If Apostille or legalization is required: Apostille/legalization of relevant documents charging the relevant, separate fee. This does not apply to official Canadian documents. 
  • Hand out of receipt. 
  • Shipment to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration. 
  • Reception of the decision from the Ministry of Immigration and Integration. 
  • Hand out to client or shipment to client by courier/registered mail according to agreement and paid for by client.

If case processing is required, e.g. if documents are missing or the Ministry of Immigration and Integration has additional questions to the client, an additional hourly fee shall be charged as stated in the fee schedule mentioned above.

Please contact the Nationality Division (Indfødsretskontoret) in the Ministry of Immigration and Integration directly.

Contact information is available here.