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The Travelling Biometric Suitcase

The Danish biometric passport was introduced on January 1st 2012. In addition to the regular document requirements, applicants also have a digital photo taken, as well as fingerprints and a digital signature.

Due to the requirements of having biometric equipment on site, the amount of locations where applications can be launched are limited. In an effort to reach as many Danish citizens as possible, the Embassy travels to various regions of Canada with a mobile biometric unit.

Please see a tentative schedule below for upcoming travel plans as well as previous trips that have been completed.

If you are interested in booking an appointment for any of the upcoming trips, please send an email to with "Biometric passport trip" in the subject and include your name, phone number, email address and which trip you would like to book an appointment for. You will then be contacted once the travel dates are finalized and you will be booked for a specific time and date.


November 26 Edmonton 
November 27-28 Calgary 
May 7th  Edmonton
May 8th  Edmonton
May 10th  Calgary
October 23-24 Calgary
October 25 Edmonton
March 26-27              Calgary 
March 28 Edmonton 
October 25-26 Calgary 
October 27 Edmonton 

March 29 

March 30th-31st   Calgary
February 15th Saint John, NB
February 17th St. John's, NFL


November 23rd  Edmonton
November 24th-25th  Calgary
May 25th  Edmonton
May 26th - 27th    Calgary 
October 15th  Calgary
October 16th  Edmonton
April 30th - May 1st  Halifax 

October 28th-29th Calgary
October 30th Edmonton
March 18th Regina
March 19th-20th Edmonton
June 4th-5th Calgary
October 10th-12th Vancouver
October 15th-16th   Calgary
June 25th-30th   Vancouver