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Entry Permits

An entry permit (D-visa) is issued after you have been approved for a residence permit by the Immigration authorities. The Royal Danish Embassy issues entry permits on behalf of Denmark.

General Information
An entry permit (D-Visa) is required if you have been granted  a residence permit and need authorization to enter the host country in order to be issued your residence permit.

Please note: Canadian citizens are currently exempt from the entry permit (D-visa) requirement and can enter the host country with a valid Canadian passport and approval letter.

Once a permit has been granted, you will receive an approval letter which specifies the terms of your permit. The letter will also include information regarding your final entry date, validity period and information on how to proceed once you have entered the host country.

D-visas are issued with validity for your host country only, but do allow you to transit through other Schengen countries. You cannot however use this visa for tourism purposes in the Schengen area.

If you submitted your original application for a residence permit through the Consulate General in Toronto, the fee for issuing the entry permit will have already been paid with your residence permit fee. If you submitted your original application directly to the host country there will be an additional fee associated with issuing the entry permit. Please click here for the fee schedule.

For further information on how to obtain a D-visa, please contact the Embassy.