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Going to Norway

Planning to visit Norway?

As of December 31st 2019, the Royal Danish Embassy in Canada no longer represents Norway in terms of visas and permits.

Please follow the application procedures outlined on the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and website of the Embassy of Norway in Canada.

Applications submitted to VFS Global on behalf of the Danish Embassy prior to December 31st 2019 will be processed by this Embassy.


Please note that neither the Embassy nor our consulates can be held responsible for technical difficulties, human errors or shipping delays in the processing of passports, permits and visa applications.


It is the applicant’s responsibility to apply in time for the intended departure.


For passports: 5 weeks prior

For permits: 3 months prior

For visas: 1-3 months prior recommended.


Please note that the processing times may be longer than this during peak travel season (May, June, July, August and December) due to case volume or if cases require further scrutiny.