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Student Permit

Several Canadian educational institutions have exchange programs with several Norwegian educational institutions. If you are planning to study for more than 3 months in Norway, you need to apply for a student permit.

For more information on student permits to Norway please visit the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Follow the three steps below to apply for your student permit.

Please note: The document checklist found on the UDI website will be slightly different from the Embassy checklist. It is important that you follow the Embassy checklist carefully.

Due to a representation agreement, Denmark represents Norway in Canada regarding student permits. For this reason, you cannot submit your application online when applying within Canada but must submit the application in paper form. Please click here for more information.

You can only apply three months before your entry date.

Step 1: Start the Application
Once your enrolment is approved by the Norwegian educational institution you will receive an official letter of admission stating your start date and length of studies. This letter must be submitted with the application form, which can be accessed here, along with the other required documents on the Embassy checklist (see Step 2 below.)


Step 2: Collect Documents
Please click here for our document checklist.

Your original passport will be shipped to the Royal Danish Embassy in Ottawa for verification, but will be returned to you via courier (prepaid at VFS), usually within 1-2 weeks. This may take slightly longer during peak season (May-August).

Step 3: Submit the Application

All applications must be submitted in person through our service partner, VFS Global.

It is not possible to submit your application in any other city.

To book an appointment please click here for the VFS Global booking module.

Addresses for the VFS Global Application Centres can be accessed here.

The Embassy will not contact UDI for status updates until the regular service goal for processing has been surpassed, however you are welcome to forward your status request directly to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. Contact information can be found here.