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Greenland permits

There are special rules and procedures regarding residence permits for Greenland. It is highly recommended that you visit the link below for all information on this topic.

Residence permits for Greenland.

Certain professions are exempt from work permits for Greenland. To find out if this applies to you, please contact the Danish Immigration Service directly by calling +45 35 30 88 88 or using the following email address:

You will need to provide the following information about all persons travelling to Greenland:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Job title
  • Detailed job description
  • Specific job location

important notice

Please note that neither the Embassy nor our consulates can be held responsible for technical difficulties, human errors or shipping delays in the processing of passports, permits and visa applications.



It is the applicant’s responsibility to apply in time for the intended departure.



For passports: 5 weeks prior

For permits: 3 months prior

For visas: A minimum of 18 days prior (15 days of processing plus shipping).



The processing times may be longer than this during peak travel season (May, June, July, August and December) due to case volume or if cases require further scrutiny.