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Online applications

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration as well as the Danish Immigration Service allows for several types of applications to be submitted online. Please follow the below guidelines for submitting online applications.

For a list of all available types of work and residence permits, please visit New to Denmark. This list will indicate which applications have online application forms.

Please ensure that you submit all the required documents for your application, as missing documents will result in a delay or rejection of your application.

Please follow Permit Step 1-2-3 below to apply for a residence or work permit. Please note that you can only apply three months before your entry date.

Step 1: Start Application and Pay Application fee 

Start by completing a copy of the relevant application form online (See the link to application list above). Ensure that you print out a confirmation of the online submission of your application.

Pay the fee for the Embassy online via the following link and ensure to include the receipt with your application:

Important: Please read this explanation regarding the fee structure for the permit you're applying for.


Step 2: Collect Documents

Please click here for our document checklist.

Your original passport will be shipped to the Royal Danish Embassy in Ottawa for verification, but will be returned to you via courier (prepaid at VFS), usually within a week.


Step 3: Submit Application
Applications for residence permits for Denmark must always be made in person as biometric features (digital photo, fingerprints and signature) are mandatory requirements for permit applications.

To book an appointment please click here for the VFS Global booking module.

Please note that when booking an appointment online, it will be at a VFS Global Centre, not at the Embassy or any of our consulates.

Addresses for the VFS Global Application Centres can be accessed here.

Please do not show up for your appointment more than 10 minutes in advance.


Please note that documentation is accepted only in the following languages:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

Documentation in French is unfortunately not accepted.

Failing to submit all relevant documentation will result in unnecessary delays or rejection.

important notice

Denmark offers a wide range of residence permits. For a complete overview, please visit NewToDenmark. We have created checklists for the most common applications types, which you can access via the menu on the left.

Processing Times

The processing time varies by the type of residence permit you are applying for. Find the service goals for processing here and here. The Royal Danish Embassy cannot provide status updates to your application. Please contact the responsible agency directly.

Appointment Booking

All residence permit applications, without exception, must be submitted via our outsourcing partner, VFS Global. You can book your appointment here.

For assistance:

Call VFS Global: 1-866-978-5904 (Live agent Monday to Friday 8am-5pm EST)

Email VFS Global:

Please note

Neither the Embassy nor our consulates can be held responsible for technical difficulties, human errors or shipping delays in the processing of passports, permits and visa applications.